Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shop Your Mates, Urges BBC

The BBC is urging us to snitch on anyone we think might not be filling Gordon Brown's big hole (assuming there is any room, what with the BBC's tongue taking up much of it).

HMRC obviously has some end-of-financial-year budget remaining (unlike most Primary Care Trusts). The BBC is duly helping them out in their campaign.

Why is the BBC acting as an arm of the Civil Service? If it were a proper news organisation it might question the wisdom of encouraging members of the public to report people whom they SUSPECT might be avoiding paying tax; and if the authorities merely SUSPECT you of avoiding tax, you're toast - unless you have deep pockets and an appetite for lengthy court cases. The HMRC possesses some pretty stringent powers, after all, and in their eyes you are guilty until proven innocent.

Is it unreasonable to expect the BBC - which is funded mostly from TAXED income, after all - to ask some questions, such as whether this scheme will be a charter for mischief-makers?

But never mind.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Exciting News

David Cameron has hit upon a surefire recipe for success.

We can all sleep easy now. The Conservative Party is going to be NICE - and what's more, it is going to PUT IT IN WRITING.

What is that sound? It sounds like running water. Ah yes: it's the sound of Osama bin Laden peeing himself.

Important Message 2

This is a cartoon-free zone. Under no circumstances am I prepared to offend anyone by publishing anything as puerile as a so-called 'satirical cartoon'.

Important Message 1

Good evening.