Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dhimmitude in Dushanbe

You may recall a story about the impending demolition of the last synagogue in Tajikistan.

You may also recall that the world's media seemed to be completely uninterested in this piece of wanton destruction.

Well, the BBC has finally caught up:

You may notice the absence of one key word in this BBC article. This word, which begins with 'I', relates to the belief-system to which 90 per cent of the population belongs.

I would suggest that this prevailing belief-system or religion could possibly have something to do with the location of the proposed presidential palace. The BBC, evidently does not. No dhimmitude here then.

No. The president has definitely not decided to flatten the synagogue and build himself a sexy new pad on the site because he has anything against Jews. Oh no. Perish the though.

Incidentally, contrast this report with this story about the
proposed 'museum of tolerance' in Jerusalem


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